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I am a Biotechnologist focusing in the field of Plant Molecular Biology. My first scientific exploration started during my bachelor's project module where i could establish a Zymography method for an enzyme activity detection. Then I further initiated a research question to identify the wound healing ability of a herbal plant extract, which was my curiosities during childhood days and resulted in the identification of a novel protein. Inspired from all these great scientific explorations, I decided to dive deep into the field of plant molecular biology, which is my favorite model system. I was blessed with an opportunity to join NCBS for my master thesis and further 3 years of research study on microRNA regulation of plant leaf development in Arabidopsis. Gaining an handful of scientific experiences, i further got an opportunity to pursue my PhD studies at ZMBP, University of Tübingen. Currently I am exploring the role of Membrane localized NLRs in Plant Immunity.

Sruthi Sunili

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