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 . . . But Mangal gets married to Madhu (Jeetu's sister). Shruti takes over the family and becomes the head of it, and now she is also being wooed by the Police Commissioner's son Abhilash (Shyam) because of his relationship with Jeetu's wife, Shruti also is trying to get Jeetu back with her. Thanapathi (Shruti's brother and Mangal's brother) is Madhu's friend and one of his evil friends. One day thanapathi lies to her that he was going to marry her but Mangal (Mangal's brother) begged him to do so. Then the plan to kill him and also to fake a love story between Jeetu and Shruti starts. The revenge starts and a love story is there between Jeetu and Shruti but a twist comes in, thanapathi again lies to Shruti that Jeetu killed Madhu and Shruti is the prime suspect, the real truth is revealed that Jeetu is not guilty. Mangal (Shruti's brother) now faces the consequences of his crime, and then he tells everything to the police. Cast Ramya as Shruti Rakul Preet Singh as Jeetu Sharanya as Madhu Nagesh Prabhu as Thanapathi P. Ravishankar as Madhu's father Jaya Prakash Reddy as Jeetu's father Malathi as Jeetu's mother Vinayak as Shyam Ravi Prakash as Commissioner Babu Mohan as Murali Venu Madhav as Mangal Sivaji Raja Ranganath Sadashiv Amrapur Gautam Raju B. Jayashree as Jayasree Brahmanandam as Watchman Surya in a Special Appearance Soundtrack Music composed by C. Aswath and lyrics were written by Rajaratnam. Music released on AKASH Audio Company. References External links Category:2000 films Category:Indian films Category:Telugu-language films Category:Indian romantic comedy films Category:Films about women in India Category:Indian buddy films Category:2000s Tel




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HD Online Player (Chup Chup Ke Movie Download Hd 720p ) quesaf

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