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and Sculptris. Google SketchUp The Google SketchUp (free) is a 3D modeling software which is available on the Google website. Google SketchUp automatically computes depth and perspective information when you create new objects, and can create 3D shapes from 2D images (graphics files such as JPG, GIF, and PNG files). Google SketchUp also allows you to "freeze" the progress of a 3D model, and render out a number of different views of a 3D model. One of the most interesting new features of Google SketchUp is the ability to create 3D wireframe models. With these, you can visualize your model in 3D space and see exactly what your model looks like before you add "solids" (3D objects). There are a number of other features in Google SketchUp, including the ability to use the model for rendering and video games (Google is the world's largest employer of game developers), and the ability to do highly accurate geometry calculations. My first impressions of Google SketchUp are that it's very easy to learn and use. Google SketchUp is available on the Google website. Windows Microsoft's free modeling software, Photoshop 3D, is an older version of SketchUp which works the same way, but does not have the same wide range of capabilities. It is still a great free alternative. It's also possible to create 3D models using free downloadable software (available from the website of the organization). Autodesk's free software, Sculptris (Free-to-Use and Free Trial), is available on the Autodesk website and creates 3D models from 2D graphics files. You can also buy the paid version, which is also free to use, but is not available for download. The number of basic features in both Photoshop 3D and Sculptris are more limited than in SketchUp, but in both cases you can save your model to your hard drive for future use. Autodesk Sculptris (Free-to-Use and Free Trial) Autodesk has just released a free version of Sculptris. The previous version was free to use and free to download, but you were only allowed to make the model itself free. This is no longer the case. Autodesk Sculptris is available on the Autodesk website. Windows, Linux



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