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IS-MPMIConnect: An Interactive Platform to Build a Stronger Community

As we head into an academic year filled with uncertainty, the need to stay connected on multiple platforms is ever more important. We are hearing that our community is yearning for ways to get connected, engage in conversations, and provide support for the coming months and beyond. 


To help facilitate this, we are launching -- IS-MPMIConnect -- a virtual platform to unite peers on common issues. The goal of this initiative is to build relationships, share resources, provide an inclusive environment to discuss things that are on your mind, and take action to enrich the lives of our community.


IS-MPMIConnect is an opt-in forum available to IS-MPMI members. Once registered, participants will be able to assemble into groups based on their interests. We envision forums that include discussions on teaching, research, mentorship, job searches, diversity & inclusion, isolation in the remote world, and work/life balance.


Best wishes,

From the IS-MPMI Team

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